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How to properly put on your Created cuff bracelet.

  • Start by locating the soft spot on the underside of your forearm just above your wrist.  

  • Holding your bracelet in a "C" shape, gently press into the soft spot.  

  • Roll your bracelet onto your arm.

  • Click on video for demonstration

Put on Cuff
Image how to measure wrist.jpg

How to measure your wrist for your Created cuff bracelet.

  • Take a measuring tape and wrap around your wrist (the image on the left shows a measure of 6.25").

  • If you don't have measuring tape you can use a string and a ruler.  Just wrap the string around your wrist and then cut or mark the length of string used to cover your wrist.  Use the ruler to measure the length of string. (see more info below) 

Measure Wrist

Each Created bracelet is hand crafted with great care and custom sized to fit your unique wrist size. We recommend that you measure your wrist over the wrist bone, exactly as shown in the photo. This measurement will allow your bracelet to be taken on and off comfortably. It will also allow for some movement on your wrist without being too tight or too loose. There is no need to add to this measurement. Message us if you have any questions or need help measuring. We are happy to help.  Please note, some bracelets can be resized; however, there will be a $30 resizing fee.  

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