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Materials We Use

When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Created we want you to know that your piece was custom created for you and about you. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from the finest sterling silver (.925) and 14/20 karat gold and rose gold filled precious metals.  

Our bracelets are hand forged and work-hardened to help withstand everyday wear. Because our jewelry is handmade no two pieces are identical, which only adds to the unique beauty and charm of the piece. With the proper love and care your pieces will last a lifetime and quickly become beautiful heirloom treasures to pass down to your loved ones. With an occasional polishing your pieces will stay looking as beautiful as the day you got them. Please note that it is completely normal for sterling silver to tarnish a bit as it mixes with the air forming a beautiful patina on your pieces. However, when not wearing your pieces for extended periods of time, we do recommend storing them in an airtight bag with the black anti-tarnish tab (included) to keep them nice and shiny. Note that when you do polish your pieces it is normal to see black come off onto the polishing cloth. This is tarnish and you need only polish your piece until it is shiny (no need to over polish). Once polished rinse your piece under warm soapy water to get any of the black residue off of it before wearing. We create our pieces to be worn daily and showering in them is perfectly fine. However, as with any fine jewelry please take care around harsh chemicals such as chlorine and salt water as these can cause tarnish to occur more quickly. Please note that our men’s bands are created with a burnished finish which will lighten over time forming a nice silver patina. If you have any questions feel free to message us.

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