"Molly's jewelry not only comforts but it empowers. Her jewelry is a reminder of your place in God's kingdom and the impact that you have in this life. Her bracelets are a constant reminder of God's love and grace that permeates every aspect of life. Every piece that I have holds such a special place in my heart because they all signify my unique role as a warrior, a daughter and a child in a kingdom so much bigger than myself."  

—Gabby McKenzie

“I am so grateful that Molly was able to create a beautiful bracelet from my mother-in-law’s silver flatware. It will be a treasured family heirloom passed on for generations! Thank you Molly!“


—Kris Watts

“There are few things I love more than my Created pieces! I have quite the collection at this point, and between the bracelets and earrings, each hold such a specific and important meaning to me. I’m so grateful for Molly and her obedience to follow the Father’s prompting to start this company. The words of identity spoken and worn as a reminder in these bracelets will forever remind me of who God calls me to be; that is truly what this incredible company is all about.”  


—Bitty Rose



“I’ve had my Created bracelets for about 6 months now and have not taken them off a single time since putting them on. I’m obsessed. I shower, exercise and sleep in my bracelets and they’re still just as beautiful as the day I got them. My favorite part is how every time they jingle I’m reminded of the sweet words engraved on the inside. I get so many compliments on them regardless of if I’m wearing them with sweats or professional attire. I recently got a couple of rings as well as a pair of earrings and feel the same way about them as I do about my bracelets. The kind of durable yet delicate perfection I can wear every day.”


—Cassie Gerhardstein



“I cannot say enough good things about this mission, this business, and the woman behind it all. Molly, your creativity flourishes and your work is beautiful. Your calling from the Lord is so apparent and I’m so thankful to be able to know such an incredible woman AND to call you a friend. Molly’s bracelets are absolutely beautiful. From the metal selection all the way down to the tiny most intricate details like the twist and turns everything is just stunning. The most beautiful part is the words stamped onto the bracelets. Words that speak life into you. Words that lift you up. I love that everyday I’m able to look down and see the word “Beloved”  on my wrist to remind me that I am HIS beloved. What a sweet and beautiful reminder. If you’ve ever considered purchasing from Molly, you won’t regret it. These bracelets are the only ones I wear and I absolutely adore them. Thank you so much for having a vision and a heart behind your business. So thankful for you, Molly!”


—Hannah K. Merideth


“My Created Bracelets hold so much meaning and I will always cherish them! My husband prayed about what word I should have stamped on my bracelet, and having him a part of my bracelet set in this way means the world to me! The word stamped on my bracelet is "Holy”. When I look at my wrist I don’t feel pressured to be perfect. I feel free and able. Jesus willingly and lovingly paid the price for me so that I can live blamelessly, with new mercies every morning. So that I can walk in confidence knowing who He is and who I am because of Him. So that I can be holy as He is holy. When you order jewelry from Molly you can be assured that she has given your piece her upmost attention and heart! One reason I love wearing Created Bracelets is because I fully support the mission and vision of the business: "a single word chosen in love can speak life over us and call out or true identity". These pieces are beautiful and timeless reminders of the heart of God!”


—Grace Ann Pumpelly



“I absolutely love my created bracelets! Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but they are comfortable and go with every outfit I own.  And I love the words inscribed on them as well. It adds an extra level of uniqueness and is a constant encouragement throughout the day. My favorite pair of earrings I own are my Icthus earrings from Created. They are so lightweight, I barely know I’m wearing earrings but they are so unique and beautiful! I get several compliments on them every time I wear them!”


—Peyton Shell



“Truth-affirming jewelry is not a new idea. But Created's intentionality and quality in every product is overwhelmingly evident and sets them apart -- both as jewelry you will absolutely love and a piece you will feel the significance of as you wear it. As someone who is not typically a jewelry-wearer, I have my two bracelets on all day, everyday as well as my ring. They are simple, stunning and an elegant complement to any outfit. I literally never take mine off and they have yet to show any signs of wear. The quality cannot be overstated. But I've never owned a piece of jewelry that means as much to me; it is a reminder of a God who is present and speaking to each of us uniquely. I got one for my mom who reflects on it often and texts me about it. I got one for a friend who lost a loved one and it serves as a tangible, daily reminder of hope.  It would be easy enough to capitalize on the power of a word. But Created's approach is powerfully Spirit-led and community-building, and I love watching what the Lord is doing in my life and through their business, all through a bracelet.”


—Allison Antram



“I searched and searched for the perfect bridesmaid gift. One that had value, that would touch the heart of my girls, something that could be a blessing in their lives. I looked all over and one day my sweet friend Ashley Brown told me about a wonderful lady that made bracelets. I was a little hesitant at first because I thought it was your normal average bracelet. However, it wasn’t long before Ashley shared that Molly could stamp the bracelet with a word. Immediately, I knew this was the gift I was searching for. My girls have had such a significant impact in my life in various ways and I felt as if this was a way to give back to them. I began talking with Molly and came to the conclusion that I would pray over each one of my girls (& momma) and share the word that the Lord laid on my heart for their life. Fast forward to our wedding day, we all gathered together and I began to tell them about the gift they were receiving. I wrote each of my gals a note and Molly packaged the bracelets in a beautiful bag attached to a beautiful CREATED tag with their word on it. I will never forget this moment. I watched tears, laughter, and peace come over my girls as they read their note and saw their bracelet. One word has the impact to change someone’s heart from the inside out. It’s one moment for someone to connect with the heart of the Father. One moment to know they are seen, known, loved, and free. This moment was one of the greatest parts of my wedding day because I was able to see the Father working in such an intimate way that only HE can. Working with Molly was a joy & now we all wear our bracelets to be reminded of the Lord’s promise and who He says we are. I love Created Bracelets and it would be a great joy for everyone to fully embrace the truth that this is so much more than a bracelet. It’s an encounter with Jesus. So ladies, if you’re getting married- think about this for your girls. They are worth it because you’re girls are worth it and need to be fully known and fully loved.  Annnnd if not, this makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life (male or female)! My hubs now has one too and wears it every day! Thank you Molly for all you are doing and for allowing the Lord to use your creativity to speak directly to the hearts of multitudes. We are cheering you on!”


—Madison Wentz


“I decided to become a nurse because I love people and I find the human body fascinating. Our bodies have been made with more care and ingenuity than we will ever understand. I was more than aware that working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) would be challenging, but I had no idea that the children’s hospital would be one of the darkest places I’ve ever been in. In a place that is designed to be warm and welcoming, it seems like the enemy lurks around every corner. In the first few months of my job, I wrestled with this darkness on a daily basis. I found myself constantly asking three questions: Why do children have to suffer with deadly illnesses and devastating trauma? Where is God in the midst of all this darkness? And how can I emulate Christ in such a stressful circumstance? When Molly and I discussed designing a bracelet, we both prayed fervently over a word. The love and prayerful attention she gave to my bracelet was incredible! Eventually, we decided on the word “Light”. She created this bracelet as a daily reminder that darkness and the enemy has been DEFEATED by Jesus on the cross, even on days when that darkness seems to be overwhelming. My prayer each day is to simply be a light. A light to the kids that are staring down an illness. A light to their families that are searching for answers and comfort. A light to my coworkers who see all of the same heartbreaking things that I do. I am so thankful for something as simple and beautiful as my Created Bracelet to remind me every day of our calling to be a light and that darkness does not win in the end.”


—Taylor Lewis



"I met Molly through Instagram, and I immediately connected with her genuine purpose and passion behind this vision. I ordered two bracelets for my first purchase, the Embrace in silver and the Wave in rose gold. I actually ordered in the totally wrong size, but Molly was so kind to fix the most perfect size for me quickly, and ship them to a friend to bring to me in Beijing where I currently live. I wear my bracelets everyday along with my Apple Watch. They are a beautiful reminder for me everyday with my word of the year--chosen. This is by far my most favorite piece of jewelry that I have ever owned. I look forward to continuing this collection and supporting such a beautiful woman who truly cares about this vision that Jesus has placed on her heart."


—Jessica Upchurch



"Molly is one of the purest and most genuine souls I have ever come in contact with and for that I am forever grateful. I could have never understood just how much my stack would mean to me (writing this makes me a bit emotional actually). Not only do these bracelets offer me a stunning and classy wrist, but they give me daily reminder of just how gritty I am with the Lord close to my heart."


—Haley Jo



“What my Created Bracelets mean to me: A single word can carry so much meaning. I find joy every day when I look down at my wrist and see my bracelets and am reminded what they mean to me. I have a silver one with “Beloved” stamped on it that was given to me by my best friend on my 22nd birthday this year. It was such a surprise, but she knew I had been wanting one. See, my best friend knew what a rough year I had with friendships and life changes. She wanted me to be reminded every day that I am so loved despite the people who hurt me or let me down. I am fully loved and beloved by my heavenly Father. My second bracelet is gold and has “Wisdom” on it. I got this one to represent my Nana, she is the epitome of a godly woman full of wisdom, and we are very close. I aspire to be like her in so many ways, but especially how wise she is. She is an amazing lady, and I want to keep her with me everywhere I go. My third bracelet is part of a matching set with my Mom and Nana. We all got different silver bracelets, but with “Psalm 118:24” stamped on them. The three of us have a relationship that means more to me than I can put into words. My Nana always quotes this verse to us, and it has become my favorite verse. We send it to each other to encourage one another on good and bad days. We are reminded to be thankful for each day because we are blessed so very much. I love my bracelets, because I love the women they remind me of.”


—Grace Ingram



“My bracelets are a reminder of who I am. Fully known and fully seen. There’s something about knowing and hearing that truth daily that waves the banner of freedom above my head everywhere I walk.”


—Nicole Tarpoff



“These bracelets are a constant reminder of God's beautiful and unfailing love for me. The words inscribed on them express the attributes He chose to create in me and the reflection of His character I am committed to portray. I cherish them and am incredibly honored that in the creation of each bracelet, I was thought of, loved, and prayed over before being gifted with the finished product. They are truly such a precious blessing to me.”


—Jenny Ray



"The first time I met Molly, I knew she was so incredibly special! She has the warmest heart and the most bubbly personality- you feel as if you have been great friends for years. When I saw her beautiful, dainty but powerful bracelets, I knew I had to have one. Not only are they absolutely stunning but they are versatile for any day or occasion! I truly don't take mine off! Even more than their gorgeous looks, is their invoking message. When you take home a piece of her jewelry, you are taking home a message. This could be of hope, joy, courage or whatever "word" defines you and your life. Yes, that's exactly right... you can even choose to stamp a cherished word on your bracelet of choice! My collection of Molly's Created bracelets has only just begun and I can't wait to add on year after year!"


—Meagen Steward



“I love the attention to detail that molly gives on each piece of jewelry she creates. I own several pieces and have purchased several for family and friends. They are equally impressed and overwhelmed with how personal a piece of jewelry can be. It's also an instant heirloom to pass down for generations.”


—Shannon Stollings



“Molly created the perfect set of bracelets for me and my three young daughters. To know that she not only created these beautiful bracelets but prayed over each one has been a gift we will cherish for a long time. Each of my girls love to have a bracelet that matches their mommy. And having specific words stamped on each bracelet is the icing on the cake.”


—Holly Blair



“I was first drawn to these bracelets because I thought they were pretty and liked the way multiple ones looked together. I thought it was fun to be able to personalize with a stamped word. I’ve had mine now for several months and just recently realized they are so much more than jewelry. . It hasn’t been until recently that I grasped choosing the words for my bracelets was more then a monogram for a piece of jewelry. Choosing a word for myself was a process of reflection and prayer and a reminder to myself of a journey God has me on to grow me closer to Him. The bracelets have also surprisingly been an opportunity to share the meaning behind the words as people ask “what word do you have on your bracelet?” An open door to share not only a word but words of testimony. I recently purchased a bracelet for someone special to me. I spent some time pondering what word to choose for her. You see, it’s not a word from a drop down list, it’s an opportunity to reflect inward and bless others with words of affirmation and encouragement. Someone recently asked what word I had in my bracelet. Instead of simply telling them, I found myself in a conversation of sharing a word of testimony about why I chose my word and what God is doing in my life and what the word represents. Not surprising was that person struggles with the same thing and I was able to encourage her with a simple word stamped on a bracelet.”


—Pam Cunningham


“I had been wanting to get a matching mommy and me bracelet set since my daughter was born and just kept putting it off. One day around Christmas of 2018 I was hanging out with a friend of mine and we somehow started talking about mommy and me bracelet sets and she told me about this small business with the sweetest woman who ran it. She told me how much Molly loved Jesus and how she prays over every bracelet and client so of course I followed her on instagram immediately. Molly responded to my message quickly and I had our matching set within a week or two. I ordered a matching set of the silver embrace bracelets. I didn't have words put on them but I will definitely be ordering a second matching set sometime in the near future with something to remind my sweet girl and myself of Jesus and how much He loves us. I put my daughters bracelet on her wrist on Christmas morning and she has had it on every day since. It doesn't seem to bother her, she doesn't pull at it. She barely even notices it's there. We get compliments on our bracelets all the time when we are out. I love my bracelet so much I have already gotten myself a second one (unity) with the word JOY put on it because I wanted 2019 to be the year that I tried to remember to have joy in every part of life. In the mundane day in and day out stuff of keeping up with my house and my toddler to finding joy in the hard things that inevitably happen to all of us. I look down everyday and see that word joy and it's as if I just ready a passage of scripture. It brings me back to truth. I love Molly's heart for her business and pray it continues to bless many many people.” 


—Becky Willard


"My husband ordered me a beautiful gold Entwine bracelet for Christmas. He chose the word Lovely, which is such a sweet reminder for me to look at. He's in the Air Force and is away from home often so this gift was extremely meaningful and a sweet reminder of how much he cares." 


—Audra House